View from Highline Park in New York City
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How to Know Your Limits and Feel Better While Traveling

I’m kind of a wimp. I’m not saying this because I’m looking for someone to tell me it’s not true or for sympathy. I’m just stating a fact. I’m not physically strong. I get tired easily. I’m what you might call “sensitive.” If I eat the wrong thing it can really throw my body off, …

One Little Thing, Oregon, Portland

One Little Thing: The Cadillac Café in Portland, Oregon

One Little Thing is a new series of posts that I am trying out where I write a short post highlighting one place, experience, or product from my travels. I want to be able to talk about things that I like that I maybe haven’t been able to work into a post in another way. …

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Please Remember Me: From Spanish Cathedrals to Bellingham Graffiti

Spain is a country practically bursting with churches. When I traveled there in Spring 2017, it seemed that every town I visited, even the smaller ones, had at least one old church dating back a few hundred years, while the larger cities had one or more massive cathedrals that were as old or older. Enter …