My Travel Wishlist for 2018

Now that 2018 is officially here, I think it’s time to start looking ahead and figuring out where I want to travel this year. While I don’t have any concrete plans as of right now, there are some things I would like to do and a couple trips I am working on.

I wouldn’t call this a list of resolutions or goals, really. It’s more like a wish list. A travel wish list of places I want to go to this year, and where I would go if time and work weren’t pesky little things that had to be dealt with. (I’m still waiting for some unknown wealthy relative to leave me a massive inheritance or something. Any day now, I’m sure.)

Some of these trips are more likely than others, and some are almost definitely going to happen. Some I know I probably won’t get to do this year, but I like to dream anyway.

My travel wish list for 2018


1. Portland

Portland is a city that I’ve wanted to explore for a while. I live near Seattle, and I have lived within a few hour’s driving distance of Portland my whole life. And yet I’ve barely spent any time there at all. I think I’ve only been there one time for any length, at least that I can remember.

My boyfriend and I have been talking about going to Portland together for a few months now, and I think it might actually happen in the near future. We both really want to go to Powell’s–how have I never been to Powell’s?!–so I’m sure we’ll spend a good deal of time there. I also want to go to Voodoo donuts and stuff my face with sugar. I went there on my one trip to Portland years ago, and I’d like to go back.

Other than those two places, I’m really just interested in exploring the city and seeing what it has to offer.

2. Massachusetts and New York City

I have some family in Massachusetts, and it is likely that I will be going to visit them this year. I might like to go to Boston while I’m there, but other than that I have no specific plans. And since I’ll be within reasonable traveling distance, I’d also really like to take a short trip to New York City as well.

I went to New York once several years ago, the summer after I graduated high school. Unfortunately, I got really sick while I was there and threw up all over the train on the way back to my uncle’s (Much to the horror of all the passengers and the janitorial staff. I am so sorry). I’d like to spend a little more time there, and hopefully not while sick.

3. Disneyland

Hey, it’s the happiest place on Earth! When I was growing up I went to Disneyland a few times with my family, but I haven’t been in years. For some reason, I have the urge to go again. I’d really like to go with my family, especially my youngest brother, who is ten and has never been. There are no immediate plans for us to go, but I hope sometime in the not-too-distant future we can make it work.

4. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a HUGE Harry Potter nerd. (Hufflepuff pride, y’all!) I’ve been wanting to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter since they announced the first one in Orlando. Now that there is another one in California, may as well toss a trip there in with a trip to Disneyland.

5. Italy

I’ve wanted to go to Italy for a long time, specifically Venice. I remember being in the third grade when I first learned about Venice and its canals, and how the city is slowly sinking. The idea of a city on the water sounded so interesting to me, and I legitimately remember thinking to myself at age eight, “I better go to Venice before it sinks forever.”

Luckily for me, Venice is still around. If I could go on one international trip this year, it would be to Italy. My boyfriend really wants to see Italy as well, so the plan is to go together. We have talked a little about going later this year, but it will ultimately come down to whether or not we can both afford it.

6. Another Solo Trip

Since going to Spain, I have been itching for another solo adventure, and ideally I would go on a trip by myself this year. If I could, I would go to England. England has been high up on my list of places I want to see for years and years, probably in no small part thanks to my love of Harry Potter.

If I could, I would take a good two or three weeks and travel around the country. But I’d settle for a shorter trip, and probably focus on London and the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, I doubt I will have the time or money to go this year, though I’d never say never and it is always a slight possibility. And apparently it is now possible to get a flight from Seattle to London, one way, for only $200, so maybe a trip to England this year isn’t as far-fetched for me as it seems…

At the Plaza de España in Sevilla, Spain. Hopefully I can do another solo trip this year!

That about does it for my travel wish list for the year (so far!). Where do you want to travel this year? Also, if you have any recommendations for things to do at any of the places I listed, please let me know!

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