There Is No One Right Way To Travel

Quitting your 9–5 job and traveling the world: it sounds like the dream, right?

How many of us have imagined leaving our “regular” life behind and pursuing travel as a full-time job, instead of something we do a couple weeks out of the year? How many of us have looked at Instagram photos depicting someone carefree and laughing in a seemingly perfect location and thought, “If only that was me”?


And how many of us have felt like we aren’t living our best life because we aren’t following the “dream” of full-time or very frequent travel?

Unfortunately, this kind of thinking isn’t helpful. I’m here to suggest an alternative.

I don’t think travel has to be an all-or-nothing act. You don’t have to choose between living on the road as a digital nomad or never traveling at all.

In fact, you don’t even have to want to live that full-time travel life.

While constant travel might seem ideal, in reality it’s not possible or practical for everyone. And that’s okay! Whether it’s a job commitment, kids, a significant other, or just a preference for routine and consistency, there are plenty of reasons to not pursue a life of travel, or to not even want that kind of life.

And if you do want to travel but can’t do it as much as you would like for whatever reason, that’s okay, too. You aren’t any less of a traveler just because you can’t do it all that time, or because you aren’t always jetting off to a new international location.

This is something that I need to remember as well. I often find myself getting envious of people who travel more than I do, and I feel like I am missing out.

But there is more than one way to travel. If you can’t go far, even exploring your own backyard is a form of travel if you approach it with the right mindset. After all, chances are there is someone, somewhere who would love to travel to where you are right now.

Living a life of travel is wonderful and fulfilling for some. But for others, it would be a nightmare. While we could probably all benefit from being more engaged with the world around us, extensive travel is not that only way to do that.

So next time you start feeling like you are missing out because you haven’t quit your job to travel the world, consider if that’s really what you want. Or if you just think you should want it.

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