Just a Few Very Good Reasons Why I Can’t Write Today, Thank You

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I want to write every day. I do. I do.

But writing is hard! Coming up with ideas is hard! Coming up with ideas to write about every day is the worst.

In my defense, I’ve been doing pretty well recently. I mean, I totally deserve a break, right?

And it’s not that I’m lazy and procrastinating. I have some very real, very legitimate reasons as to why I can’t come up with any new ideas to write about today, such as:

  1. I went for a walk sometime last week and I am still recovering.

2. I’ve been rewatching Supernatural and I’m getting creeped out by every little sound, so I’m too distracted to write anything. 

3. I have cramps, which everyone knows blocks creativity.

4. My nest of blankets on the couch is very cozy and comfortable, and so it is hard to think of anything other than how good a nap sounds.

5. My cat is demanding all of my attention, and she can not be ignored.

6. I’ve read that self-care is very important, so I must practice self-care by taking today off from writing. Also tomorrow and maybe the next day.

7. I had waffles for breakfast because “I deserve it” but now my stomach is upset so I can’t think of any writing topics. 

8. I need to go grocery shopping this week, and I have to mentally prepare

9. I just found out that the entire series of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman is available to stream on Amazon so I’m going to be busy for a while.

10. I’m starting to think I don’t really want to be a writer, anyways. I’ve heard becoming a doctor in a small town on the western frontier has its perks.

So as you can see, there is just too much going on today, and I’m not going to be able to do any writing. Maybe tomorrow.

What reasons do you have for not writing today?

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