Arcos de la Frontera, Spain
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7 Places in Spain that You’ll Want to Stop and Photograph

Spain is a beautiful country. When I traveled there in early 2017, it felt like every day I would come across something that would leave me going wow wow wow and I don’t ever have to leave, right? I was constantly taking pictures, even though I feel like none of them truly do justice to what I saw. …

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What it’s Like to Take a Tapas Tour with Devour Madrid

Recently, I got back from my first solo trip, a 3-week backpacking excursion around Spain. And, guys? It. Was. AWESOME. I definitely have the travel bug now, and I’m already dreaming about when I can get back to Spain. My trip began in Madrid, and, if I had to pick, it was probably my favorite …

I’m going to Spain: Some thoughts on my first solo trip

I’m going to Spain: Some thoughts on my first solo trip

I’m going to Spain. I have to keep telling myself that because it still doesn’t seem real. But it is. I’ve booked my flight. I’ve booked accommodations. I’m reading my guidebook (shout out to Rick Steves, heyyy). I’m going to Spain! This is going to be my first international trip (Well, besides Canada. But Canada is …

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How to Cope with Anxiety While Traveling

A version of this article has been published on Thought Catalog since I originally posted it.  Anxiety is something I have dealt with for most of my life, and I’ve written about it before. As I’m sure others who suffer from anxiety will understand, going on a trip can bring up a lot of opportunities …